Welcome to American Osment’s blog. Here, you can find content you care about, whether it’s in regard to the Jan/San industry, safety tips, or even walking around knowledge of our home base in Birmingham, Alabama.

But first, we want to introduce ourselves. Steve Mote began American Osment in 1972 as a small-time truck cleaning company. Through his hard work, Steve discovered the best chemicals, equipment, and practices for cleaning.

As his company grew, he acquired many local businesses and American Osment was born. Of course, our company is constantly evolving as we gain more industry knowledge and update our inventory to include the newest equipment in the industry.

We have the experience to recommend and solve any cleaning issue in any kind of building. We are set apart from other Jan/San distributors because we have an excellent service department. They work as a team to solve our customers’ cleaning problems.

We also have a higher level of technical knowledge about our industry, and we sell the top brands of our industry. Our customer service team, warehouse associates, purchasing department, and sales people work together to complete orders efficiently and keep our customers happy.

If you have any questions about American Osment or the Jan/San industry, send us a message. We’ll answer it as soon and as fully as we can.